Professor of International History

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva - Switzerland

I teach and research the history and politics of international organisations, of western humanitarianism, of transnational movements and philanthropic foundations. I studied and published on authoritarian and totalitarian regimes and humanitarian interventions. I have a longstanding interest for International Law and its history. I am passionate about visual politics and photography in particular. I supervise master and PhD students with a variety of interests (read more about them and about me on this website). I teach for Smith College undergraduate exchange students and I am director of an executive education programme on international advocacy.  

Certainty, Compassion and the Ingrained Arrogance of Humanitarians, Manchester University Press, 2020, 27-44.

A 2011 video, in which I explain what I was teaching and researching back then (in French)... the Graduate Institute is bilingual!

A 2016 video in which I present the International History Department of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland where I work and served as Head of Department (2014-2017)

An interview on Swiss television in French on Italian politician Matteo Salvini, early August 2019.

This is the video of a conference held at the Graduate Institute with photojournalist Don McCullin, on 24 April 2017. I introduced and interviewed him together with Le Temps  journalist Lisbeth Koutchoumoff.

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