Professeur d'Histoire & Politique Internationale

Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva - Switzerland

I teach and research the history and politics of international organisations, of western humanitarianism, of transnational movements, philanthropic foundations, and racism. I studied and published on authoritarian and totalitarian regimes and humanitarian interventions. I have a longstanding interest for International Law and its history. I am passionate about visual politics and photography in particular. I supervise master and PhD students with a variety of interests (read more about them and about me on this website). I teach for Smith College undergraduate exchange students and I am director of an executive education programme on international advocacy. Since 2020 I am the head of Interdisciplinary Program of the Graduate Institute (aka MINT - see below). 

The new Master in International and Development Studies (application start in October 2021) is anchored as strongly as ever to Genève internationale. The Graduate Institute's research and teaching remit coincide with what international Geneva has been standing for more than one century. 

‘What Riding an Old Triumph Motorcycle Taught Me About International Societies, Academic ‘Turns’ and Dead-Ends, H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Erez Manela, International Society as a Historical Subject, Diplomatic History, 44, 2, 2020, 184-209.


‘Relief and Reconstructive humanitarian work of the American Red Cross in Jerusalem and Palestine 1917-1919’, Journal of Migration History Special issue Refugeedom and the Making of the Middle East, 6, 2020, 16-39.

Certainty, Compassion and the Ingrained Arrogance of Humanitarians, Manchester University Press, 2020, 27-44.

«Loin d’être militant, l’antiracisme est une question de démocratie»

Dans une actualité dominée cette année par la pandémie, une autre question s’est frayé un passage avec l’affaire George Floyd: le racisme. Pour les professeurs Mohamedou et Rodogno, loin d’être un problème ponctuel, il est l’une des forces structurantes des relations internationales

29 December 2020

An interview on Swiss television in French on Italian politician Matteo Salvini, early August 2019.

This is the video of a conference held at the Graduate Institute with photojournalist Don McCullin, on 24 April 2017. I introduced and interviewed him together with Le Temps  journalist Lisbeth Koutchoumoff.

A 2011 video, in which I explain what I was teaching and researching back then (in French)... the Graduate Institute is bilingual!

A 2016 video in which I present the International History Department of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva, Switzerland where I work and served as Head of Department (2014-2017)

In June 2020, the Foundation organised an electronic dialogue on the theme of major European challenges in 2020. Find all the videos.

Pat Cox, President of the Foundation and former President of the European Parliament, moderated this dialogue to which the following personalities contributed: Péter Balázs (professeur, Université d’Europe centrale, ancien membre de la Commission européenne, ancien ministre des affaires étrangères de Hongrie, Vienne); Nicolas Baverez (historien, économiste et éditorialiste au Point et au Figaro, Paris);  Davide Rodogno (professeur, Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement, Genève);  Anna Stünzi (présidente du think tank suisse de politique étrangère foraus, Berne); Bruno Tertrais (directeur adjoint de la Fondation pour la recherche stratégique, Paris);  Laurent Warlouzet (professeur, Sorbonne Université, Paris).

Among the themes discussed were: the major European challenges over the last century, the accumulation of European crises, including the recent coronavirus crisis and its political, economic and social consequences, the challenges of European institutional governance, demographic factors, migration, climate issues, Europe in a global system where multilateralism is being questioned, security issues.

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utopia3 undertakes artistic projects connecting history and art, academic knowledge and pop culture to investigate and question the socio-cultural, economic and political legacies of the Twentieth century.

In March 2020 utopia3 broadcasts its first podcast series in collaboration with the 18th edition of the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Right (FIFDH). We recorded a new season in 2021.