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In Preparation


e-project with Sandrine Kott (University of Geneva): The History of International Organizations and their Development Programmes in Historical Perspective, tentative title (editor and author)


Cambridge Companion to the History of Humanitarianism, with Silvia Salvatici.




An International History of Racism – a Textbook, co-author and co-editor with Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Routledge, 2025.



Sovereignty, Nationalism, and the Quest for Homogeneity in Interwar Europe, co-editor with Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Mona Bieling, New York: Bloomsbury, 2023.


Temps, Espaces, Mémoires. Monuments et Héritage Raciste et Colonial dans l’Espace Public: État des Lieux Historique – Étude pour la Ville de Genève, co-author with Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou, GI and Ville de Genève, 2022.


Night on Earth – a history of international humanitarian aid beyond relief in the Near East (1918-1930) Cambridge University Press, 2022.


The League of Nations’ Work on Social Issues, author and editor, with Liat Kozma and Magaly Rodriguez, New York, United Nations Press, 2016.


Humanitarian Photography: a History, author and editor with Heide Fehrenbach, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2015; paperback 2016.


Shaping the Transnational Sphere: Networks of Expert and Organizations in the Long Nineteenth Century, author and editor with Bernard Struck and Jakob Vogel, New York, Berghahn Books, 2014.


Ideas and Identities: Theory and Practice in the Twentieth Century, editor and co-authored with Jaci Eisenberg, Bern, Peter Lang, 2014.


Contro il Massacro. Gli Interventi Umanitari nella Politica Europea, 1815-1914, Laterza, Rome, 2012.


Against Massacre: Humanitarian Interventions in the Ottoman Empire (1815-1914), Princeton University Press – Series: Human Rights and Crimes Against Humanity, Princeton, 2011, paperback, 2015.


Fascism’s European Empire, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2006.  


Il nuovo ordine mediterraneo. Le politiche d’occupazione dell’Italia fascista in Europa 1940-1943, Bollati Boringhieri, Turin, 2003. 


Journals’ Special Issues (as editor and author)


In Preparation




The Meaning(s) of Global Public Health, editor with Marcos Cueto and Nicole Bourbonnais, Historia Ciéncia Saúde Manguinhos, 2020;  


Foreign War Volunteers in the Twentieth Century, editor with Nir Arielli, special issue of the Journal of Modern European History, 14, 3, 2016.


Forced displacement of civilian population in Europe 1939-1947, editor with Michael Wedekind, Storia & Regione /Geschichte und Region, Bozen, 2010.


Articles in peer reviewed journals 

In Preparation

H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Julia Irwin Catastrophic Diplomacy, 2024




‘Interventions and the Eclipse of Liberal Internationalism’, Past and Present, Viewpoint Series, 2024.



H-Diplo Article Review of E. Kyle Romero “Nations on the Move: U.S. Humanitarians and Refugee Management in the Eastern Mediterranean, 1918-1923”, Diplomatic History, 47: 1 (2023) 112-138.


‘The Near East Relief and the American Board Commissions for Foreign Missions. Humanitarian Partnership and Divorce in the Near East (1918–1929)’,British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, 2023, .


‘What Riding an Old Triumph Motorcycle Taught Me About International Societies, Academic ‘Turns’ and Dead-Ends, H-Diplo Roundtable Review of Erez Manela, International Society as a Historical Subject, Diplomatic History, 44, 2, 2020, 184-209.


‘Relief and Reconstructive humanitarian work of the American Red Cross in Jerusalem and Palestine 1917-1919’, Journal of Migration History Special issue tentatively entitled Refugeedom and the Making of the Middle East”, 6, 2020, 16-39.


‘ “A Horrific Photo of a Drowned Child”. Humanitarian Photography and NGO Media Strategies in Historical Perspective’, with Heide Fehrenbach, International Review of the Red Cross, 2016, 1-35. (14,000 words long)  


‘Transnational Encounters on the Receiving End: Hosting and Remembering Twentieth-Century Foreign War Volunteers’, with Nir Arielli, Journal of Modern European History, 14, 3, 2016, 315-320. 


‘L’Italie fasciste, puissance occupante en Europe’ Revue d’Histoire de la Shoah – numéro spécial : l’Italie et la Shoah, edited by Laura Fontana et Georges Bensoussan, 204, 1, 2016, 275-298. 


‘The Ottoman Empire, the Issue of Interventions upon Grounds of Humanity, and Western European legal scholars during the nineteenth century’, Journal of the History of International Law, special issue, edited by Umut Ozsu and Thomas Skouteris, International Legal History of the Ottoman Empire, 2015, 5-41. (14,000 words long)


‘Beyond Relief: A Sketch of the Near East Relief’s Humanitarian Operations, 1918-1929’, Monde(s), 6, special issue, Philanthropies, October 2014, 45-64.


‘The Dilemmas of the International Committee of the International Committee of the Red Cross Humanitarian Politics in Asia Minor and Greece in the early 1920s’, the First World War Studies, Special Issue, Humanitarianism and Humanitarian Aid, 1914-24, 2014, 1, 83-99.


‘Introduction’, co-écrite avec Maurice Vaïsse et Matthias Schulz, Organisations internationales et ONG : coopération, complémentarité et rivalité de 1919 à nos jours’, Relations Internationales, December 2012.


‘Humanitarian Interventions during the nineteenth century: an overview’, Quaderni di Relazioni Internazionali, 2011, n.15.


‘Le nouvel ordre fasciste en Méditerranée, 1940-1943 : présupposés idéologiques, visions et velléités’, Revue d'Histoire moderne et contemporaine,numéro spécial consacré au fascisme italien, 2008, vol. 55, n.3, 138-158.


‘Réflexions liminaires à propos des Interventions Humanitaires des Puissances Européennes au Dix-neuvième Siècle’, Relations Internationales, n.131, 2007, 9-27.


‘La politique des occupants italiens à l’égard des Juifs en France métropolitaine. Humanisme ou pragmatisme ?’, Vingtième Siècle, n.93, January – March 2007, 63-78.


‘Italiani Brava Gente? Italian Policy Toward the Jews of the Balkans’, European History Quarterly, 35/2 2005, 231-240. 


‘Il profilo progettuale e le finalità complessive delle politiche d’occupazione del fascismo in Europa’. Contemporanea, vol.VII, n.2, 2005, 311-336.


‘Italian Soldiers in the Balkans. The Experience of the Occupation (1940-1943)’, Journal of Southern Europe and the Balkans, August 2004, vol. 6, iss. 2, 125-144. 


‘Les conquérants fascistes et l’espace vital’, Relations Internationales, n.110, 2002, 163-180.


‘Le repressioni italiane nei territori occupati tra il 1940 e il 1943’, Qualestoria, XXX, n.1, 2002, 45 –85.


Chapters in peer reviewed edited volumes


In preparation


‘Dilemmas of Photographers and Scholars. What Does a Decolonized Gaze of the Rescue of Human Being in the Mediterranean Sea Mean?’, with Antonio Denti.



‘Le occupazioni militari dell’Italia fascista in Europa tra il 1940 e il 1943’, Da una guerra all’altra, Rome: Viella, 2024 (Fondazione Gramsci).


‘A hole in the maps of international humanitarian institutions in the Near East, The Absence of the Dodecannese, 1915-1924 – an explanation’, tentative title: The View from Rhodes: Italians, Greeks, Turks and Jews between Ottoman Empire, Italian Fascism, Nazi Germany and Postwar Europe, edited by Aron Rodrigue and Valerie McGuire, London: Routledge, 2024. 


‘The specific weight of international humanitarian organizations’ actions in Greece the day after the Asia Minor disaster happened’, Proceedings of the International conference: The Asia Minor Disaster: "The Day After", IAPE, Thessalonica: IAPE publications, 2024. 


‘After Alan Kurdi Went Viral, 2015-2019’, Representing the World Through Pain? The Visualization of Victimhood After 1945, New York: Berghahn Books, 2024.



‘What International Organizations talk about when they talk about themselves and how they do it’ – Interlude, Handbook on International Research Methods, edited by Fanny Badache and others, Michigan: Michigan University Press, 2023, 262-270.


‘Certainty, Compassion and the Ingrained Arrogance of Humanitarianism; Is continuity preeminent over change?’, The Red Cross Movement: Re-evaluating and Re-Imagining the History of Humanitarianism, edited by James Crossland, Melanie Oppenheim and Neville Wylie, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020, 27-44.


‘Naufragés et Rescapés, Fantômes et Statues, Oubliés et Oublis dans les Archives des Institutions Humanitaires’, Normer l’Oubli, edited by Isabelle Schulte-Tenckhoff and Vincent Negri, Paris : PUF/ Institut de recherche juridique de la Sorbonne, collection « Les voies du droit », 2018, 245-257.


‘Les Italiens, de gentils occupants’, Les Mythes de la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, tome II, edited by Olivier Wieviorka et Jean Lopez, Paris : Perrin, 2017, 183-198.


‘Nineteenth-century interventions d’humanité and the issue of responsibility’, International Responsibility. Essays in Law, History and Philosophy, edited by Samantha Besson, Geneve: Editions Schulthess, 2017, 140-155.


‘International fellowship programmes for public health development. The Rockefeller Foundation, UNRRA, and WHO, 1920s – 1970s’.  with Yitang Lin and Thomas David, Global Mobility: Exchange Programs, Scholarships and Fellowships, edited by Giles Scott Smith and Ludovic Tournès, New York: Berghahn Books, 2017, 33-52.


‘Relief and Reconstruction programs in Greece, 1922-1925’ (in collaboration with Francesca Piana and Shaloma Gauthier), Dilemmas of Humanitarian Aid in the Twentieth Century, edited by Johannes Paulmann, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2016, 147-170.


‘Humanitarian Interventions in Historical Perspective’, Oxford Handbook on the Responsibility to Protect, edited by Alex Bellamy and Tim Dunne, Oxford, Oxford University Press 2015, 19-37.


‘The Near East Relief humanitarian politics and practices in the aftermath of the First World War’, The Emergence of Humanitarian Intervention, edited by Fabian Klose, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.


‘Wartime occupation by Italy’, (Chapter 2, Part C.) Occupation, Collaboration, Resistance and Liberation in The Cambridge History of the Second World War, edited by Richard Bosworth and Joe Maiolo, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2015.


‘What Does Transnational History Tell Us about a World with International Organizations? The Palgrave Dictionary of Transnational History and the League of Nations Search Engine’, with Shaloma Gauthier and Francesca Piana, Routledge Handbook of International Organizations, London: Routledge 2013.


‘Die Faschistische Neue Ordnung und die Politischökonomische Umgestaltung des Mittelmeeraums 1940 bis 1943’, Die Achse im Krieg Politik, Ideologie und Kriegfürung 1939-1945, Lutz Klinkhammer and Amedeo Osti Guerrazzi, Ferdinand Schöningh, Zürich, 2102, 211-230.


‘The European Powers’ intervention in Ottoman Lebanon and Syria (1860-61); and


‘The European Powers’ unarmed intervention in Ottoman Macedonia (1903-08), Towards a History of Humanitarian Interventions, edited by Brendan Simms and David Trim, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2010.


‘L’Italia Paese Occupante’, in Storia della Shoah in Italia, edited by Marie-Anne Bonucci, Marcello Flores, Simon Levis Sullam, Enzo Traverso, Turin: UTET, 2009.


‘Fascism and War’, Handbook on Fascism, edited by Richard Bosworth, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2008, Chapter 13, 239-258.


‘Sogni di conquista e realtà delle occupazioni fasciste in Europe, 1940-1943’, Le Guerre de Novecento, edited by Gabriella Gribaudi, Napoli: L’Ancora del Mediterraneo, 2007 113-123.


‘Fascist imperial conquest in the Mare Nostrum’; and - 


‘Fascist Italy occupation of Greece’, Greece during the Second World War, edited by Christos Hadjiossif, (Athens, Bibliorama, vol. 1, 2007 - in Greek), 49-68, and 69-100. 


‘Répression et représailles dans les territoires européens occupés par l'Italie Fasciste entre 1941 et 1943: buts et méthodes’ in La Répression en France, 1940-1945; Jean-Luc Leleu (ed), Rennes : Centre de Recherche d'Histoire Quantitative, 2007, 13-30.


‘Le grandi Potenze e gli ‘interventi umanitari’ nell’Impero Ottomano: una riconsiderazione del caso greco, 1821-1829’, Schegge d'impero, pezzi d'Europa, Fortune e dilemmi degli stati post-ottomani, 1804-1923, Marco Dogo (ed), Gorizia: Libreria Editrice Goriziana, 2006, 57-100.


‘La Campagna di Grecia’, 


‘La Battaglia di Cefalonia’, 


‘L’Internazionale Fascista’, Dizionario del Fascismo, edited by Victoria De Grazia and Sergio Luzzatto, Turin: Einaudi, 2002. 






Alberto Basciani, L’Impero nei Balcani. L’Occupazione Italiana dell’Albania, Viella, Roma 2022, Italia Contemporanea, 2023.



Simon Levi Sullam, I Carnefici Italiani. Scene dal genocidio degli ebrei, 1945-1945, Milano, Feltrinelli, 2015, SISSCO – Cantieri di Storia, Summer 2016.


Marco Clementi, Camicie Nere sull’Acropoli, Rome, Derive Approdi, 2013, Ricerche di Storia Politica, 2- 2015.


Michelle Tusan, Smyrna’s Ashes, University of California Press, 2012, Journal of Modern History, 86, 3, 2014, 673-675.


Luca Fenoglio, Angelo Donati e le “questione ebraica” nella Francia occupatadall’esercito italiano”, Zamorani, 2013, Quest. Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. Journal of Fondazione CDEC,   


Yann Bouyrat, Devoir d’Intervenir ? L’Expédition ‘humanitaire’ de la France au Liban, 1860, Vendémiaire, 2013, Relations Internationales, 2014.


Michael Barnett, The Empire of Humanity. A History of Humanitarianism, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 2011, in Journal of International Organisation Studies, n.1, 2012.


Massimo Borgogni, Tra Continuità e Incertezza. Italia e Albania (1914-1939). La Strategia Politico-Militare dell’Italia in Albania fino all’Operazione “Oltre Mare Tirana”, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2007, pp.412. Il Mestiere di Storico (Annale SISSCO), n. IX – October 2008. 


Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi Rule, edited by Joshua Zimmerman, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2005, in European History Quarterly, 38, 1, 2008.


Saul Friedländer, L’Allemagne Nazie et les Juifs, tome 1, in ‘Relations Internationales’, décembre 1998.


Ennio Di Nolfo, Le paure e le speranze degli italiani. La Repubblica italiana dal crollo del fascismo al crollo della Democrazia Cristiana, in Vingtième Siècle, mars-avril 1997.



Public Outreach, Articles in Newspapers, podcasts, and participation to documentaries, my interviews, I interview


Reading the Clouds, Podcast Episode 41, The Lausanne Project,, 20 October 2023.


Qui a Peur des Juifs? A podcast series, , September 2023.


Night on Earth – A Bookcast with Davide Rodogno, United Nations Library, UNOG, , July 2023.


Derrrière l’affaire Vinicius, persistance et résistances du racisme, with Mahmoud Mohamedou, Le Temps, 28 mai 2023,  


Rethinking Greece, 17 May 2023, Greek News Agenda, interview.


Le passé colonial de la Suisse, 12:45, RTS Téléjournal 12 : 45 - Mutations, 8 May 2023,


Background interview with Paula Dupraz-Dobias, Geneva Solutions, on Davos, the WEF and the 2023 annual meeting, 13 January 2023,


To Heal a World, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Fall 2022


Décoloniser la ville, a podcast series, Chahut Media, Geneva, 22 November 2022,,


L’Hypocrisie de l’Anti-Coupe du Monde au Qatar, with Mahmoud Mohamedou, Blog Le Temps, 19 November 2022,  


Racism as the Missing Link of International Peace, with Mahmoud Mohamedou, Geneva Graduate Institute, 20 September 2022,


Que Faire des Statues Racistes, Gilles Labarthes, La Liberté, 7 Juillet 2022, interview,


Transnational Humanitarianism, online interview with Ruth Nattermann, , 9 June 2022


Review of Democracy – Podcast, Davide Rodogno on the Troubled History of Western Humanitarianism, , 9 June 2022.


Δυτικός Ανθρωπισμός στην Εγγύς Ανατολή, To BHMA, 14 May 2022,


La Ville de Genève Relève l’Héritage Raciste sur ses Murs, Mémoires et Partages, 3 March 2022.


La Ville se Penche sur Son Héritage Raciste, Léman Bleu, 3 March 2022.


Council of Europe, Monuments and Racist Heritage in the Public Space, 2 March 2022.


Analyse Monuments Racistes, Radio Cité Genève, 2 March 2022


Genève s’attelle à son héritage raciste, Le Courrier, 1 March 2022.


La ville se penche sur son héritage raciste, Léman Bleu, Lucie Hainaut, 1 March 2022,


La Ville de Genève répertoire les monuments et l’héritage raciste, Judith Monfrini, 1 March 2022.


La ville de Genève questionne ses symboles et monuments publics liés au racisme, 1 March 2022.


La Ville passe au crible ses et monuments jugés « racistes » 20 Minutes,


Monuments et Héritage raciste dans l’espace public, Ville de Genève, 2 March 2022.


Genève s’empare de son héritage colonial, Tribune de Genève, Cahty Macherel, 2 March 2022.


International History Now, a podcast, LSE, convened by Georgios Giannakopoulos and Dina Gusejnova, recorded on 18 February 2022.


Decolonisation and Humanitarianism, 27 October 2021, .


Faut pas Croire, RTS, 16 October 2021,


Interview of Patrick Chappatte, political cartoonist, Graduate Institute, 7 October 2021,


Philanthropie et ‘advocacy’, des liaison dangereuses ?, 6 Septembre 2021,


Connaître le passé nous rend plus libres, La Tribune de Genève, Sophie Davaris, 8 July 2021.


Le due superpotenze e l’elefante, Corriere del Ticino, 16 June 2021.


On Voices – A conversation with Max Richter and Yulia Mahr – FIFDH 2021,


Utopia3, second series, 2021,


Daniel Lombroso, White Noise, a documentary on the Alt-Right in North America and Beyond, interviewed for the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights, 3 February 2021.


Entretien, « La Diplomatie Multilatérale pendant la Crise de la Covid-19 »,, recorded in January 2021, by Abdeleli, Abdelahafidh, 26 January 2021, published 8 February 2021,


Pétition Archives Ouvertes, with Sandrine Kott and Véronique Stenger, HION,


Expert participation to the movie Une histoire d’amour sous l’occupation italienne, (Dove danzeremo domani ?), France 5 and RAI, by film director Audrey Gordon, produced by Nilaya Productions and Zenit Arti Audiovisive, 2021.


Entretien, Loin d’être militant, l’antiracisme est une question de démocratie, Le Temps, 29 December 2020, avec Mohammad- Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, par Marc Allgöwer,


Désenchevêtrer l’action humanitaire de la mission salvatrice, avec Julie Billaud, Le Temps, 29 Octobre 2020,


A cosa serve l’ONU, RSI, Rete Due, Moby Dick, A cura di Alessandro Bertellotti e Sabrina Faller, guests, Alessandra Vellucci (UN), Prof. Vittorio Emanuele Parsi, Francesco Pisano (UN), and Dr. Michela Trisconi, Sat 26 September 2020,


Interview with Frédéric Burnand, Swiss-info, 29 July 2020, on the history of the League of Nations and the crisis of Multilateralism. Published on 24 September 2020,échoué--ce-que-l-histoire-de-la-sdn-révèle-de-l-onu/46055466


Interview with Thaïs Chaigne, Nicolas Kurek, La Genève international vibre-t-elle pour la Biélorussie?,, 19 août 2020,


Email exchange with Selver Kabacalman, journalist for Le Courrier, 28 July 2020: who, when, how and why statutes are eliminated? 


Forum, Utopia3, un Podcast Consacré aux Droits Humains, 29 June 2020, Radio Suisse Romande – RSR la 1ère


Utopia3, first series (2020), 10 episodes, March- September 2020, co-founder, co-producer, author, and co-interviewer: Joe Sacco (journalist), Perla Joe Maalouli (activist, Lebanon), Yves Daccord (ICRC), Burhan Sönmez (novelist), Alaah Salah (activist, Sudan), Femke and Ilse Van Velzen (film directors) and Ruth Hopkins (journalist), Lauren Anders Brown (film director) and Ayanda Dlamini (activist, Swaziland), Max Richter (musician), Jonathan Nez (President of the Navajo Nation).


The Historical Impact of the Coronavirus, , Graduate Institute What Matters Today, Episode 4, 22 May 2020.


Bilan du Cessez-le-feu mondial, 8 May 2020.


Comparer la grippe espagnole et le Covid-19: analyse historique et pistes de réflexion, Fondation Pierre du Bois pour l’Histoire du Temps Présent, Papiers d’actualité/Current Affairs in Perspective, 5 May 2020,


Faut-il vraiment comparer la grippe espagnole et le covid-19?,, Pocket Lecture Series, 25 April 2020,


What do past pandemics tell us about the likely impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the international order, 25 April 2020.


La FIFA et le ‘worst’ du racisme, Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou et Davide Rodogno 16 January 2020.


The age of Weaponised racism, with Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, 20 and 21 November 2019

and its extended version:


Matteo Salvini: décryptage de la méthode du capitaine RTS, 14 august 2019ève--100-ans-après-l-accueil-de-la-sdn--devenue-cuisine-mondiale/44922594 24 April 2019.


Interview and video, Corriere della Sera, 27 January 2019, “1943, I giorni di una Tregua”, Antonio Ferrari and Alessia Rastelli


Public Conference with Don McCullin, Irreconcilable Truths: a Photojournalist and Exceptional Truths, in collaboration with Le Temps, 24 April 2017.


Interview of the Radio Suisse Romande on sending humanitarian aid to Somalia, the initiative of a ‘youtuber’:


Interview of the Radio Suisse Romande on Fascism’s European Empire and military occupations during the Second World War, Histoire Vivante, January 2017. Broadcast in February 2017.


The Responsibility to Protect Core Group in Geneva, the Permanent Mission of Australia, Ghana, Hungary, Nigerai, Rwanda and Uruguay, with the support of the UN Office in Geneva, 10th Anniversary of the R2P, Implementing R2P in the Geneva Context – a Focus on Prevention, 19 November 2015.


Background interview with journalist Katie Engelhart, on the Second World War reparation claims the Greek government put forward in early April 2015.


Introduction to the documentary “Smyrna” by Maria Iliou, University of Geneva, 23 January 2014.


Interview on BBC Radio on International Geneva, January 2014.


‘L’enquête du délégué du CICR qui déjoua un mensonge historique’, La Cité, du 28 Octobre au 11 Novembre 2011, pp.14-17.


1943. Le temps d’un répit, (documentary film) director André Waksman, France, 2009, 52 minutes.





2022                 Co-author with Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou, Temps, Espaces, Mémoires. Monuments et Héritage Raciste et Colonial dans l’Espace Public : État des Lieux Historique – Étude pour la Ville de Genève, published, 188 pages.


2012                 Co-author with Felix Ohnmacht of Documenting the experience of the Joint Special Envoy of the United Nations and League of Arab States in Syria (February-August 2012). Kofi Annan Foundation, Confidential Report, unpublished, 150 pages.


2002                 ‘Public – Private interfaces and business environment Interactions and Barriers to Development and Modernization’ in Lithuania: Readiness for European Union Integration’ – Report, Country Economic Memorandum, The World Bank, 2002 (available online).   

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